Abraham explains the challenge this defender presents to strikers.

Abraham has named the central defender he fears most.

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham said Virgil van Dijk is the toughest opponent he has faced so far since this season, labelling the Dutchman a “beast”.

The England international is the leading goal scorer in the Premier League after hitting the net eight times for the west London side already.

“He’s a beast,” said the Blues frontman Abraham as the Mirror reported. “He’s just good at what he does. He’s experienced. I try to do a little… I try to use my tricks in my head but his understanding of the game is top drawer.

“It is to do with little things. Movement. My movement in the box, some defenders don’t pay attention to me - they are only focussed on the ball.

“With him, it’s kind of both, he’s paying attention to me and the ball, knows where I am, knows where I want to go, follows me.

“It’s quite annoying for a striker - just leave me alone!”


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