Alan Pardew hits back at Robbie Savage.

Robbie Savage was hit back by Alan Pardew, following Robbie`s controversial "broken man" comments.

Savage had a go at the Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew after their heavy defeat to Southampton last week in his BBC column, saying that it was "hard to see" him staying in his job.

But the Newcastle manager said he felt that Savage was "wrong" and that the article was entirely wrong.

"I thought that article was not right and we've had a lot of press like that," Pardew told the BBC.

"He said I was a broken man and I was far from that this week. Sometimes there's some really unfair things.

"I've tried to carry the job with dignity and be honest and sometimes it's nice if professionals in the game reflect that.

"Sometimes it's also important to know we're trying to do an honest job. It's not just about me, it's about my staff who come in every day and want to make this team better.

"It's something I feel very strongly about defending and that's an example of which I thought was wrong."


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