All Time Premier League Cult Heroes - Goalkeepers & Defenders.

Every club has their all-time heroes - Giggs, Gerrard, Messi et al will all go down as some of the greatest players to have ever represented their clubs - but what about those players that the fans adore but are in no danger of topping a list of greatest Premier League Players?

Step forward our All Time Premier League Cult Heroes...

They may not be the most technically gifted players, or be remembered for all the right reasons, but they are almost unanimously loved by every fan of their respective clubs. Over the next few weeks we are putting together our list of cult heroes, exclusively from the Premier League era to create the ultimate 23-man squad.

We have deliberately left out the 'big' name players - there will be no Thierry Henrys or Eric Cantonas on this list but what you will get is a blast from the past as we explore some of the players that are seen as icons at their former clubs but the rest of us could be forgiven for forgetting.

Our Cult Hero goalkeepers are...

Continuing with our All Time Premier League Cult Heroes list, we're now focussing on defenders.

They may not be the most celebrated players on the team, they may not be as glamorous or technically gifted as some of their colleagues but they've certainly got the passion required to get the fans on board!

As with the Goalkeepers, you won't see the very best defensive stalwarts who have graced the league - Terry, Ferdinand and Kompany will not be making an appearance. Instead we've picked those who have endeared themselves to the fans in other ways, from scoring the odd screamer to celebrating with a spider man mask...take a look at the defenders who make it into our squad below:

Written by @UTCointraders


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