Ancelotti: "A decision will be made about Chicharito at the end of the season".

Carlo Ancelottigave his idea on the possible continuance of Chicharito at Real Madrid: "It's something we'll take a look at the end of the season.

“I have liked his professionalism all year. When he has had his chances, he has taken full advantage of them. For a manager, to have that kind of player is very good."

The manager also confirmed that Ødegaard will be making his first-team debut: "Tomorrow we will have three academy players - Ødegaard, Mayoral and Diego Llorente. Two of these three will start on the bench and may have a chance to play."

Regarding the defenders that he used in Vigo, the manager explained that it was "a circumstantial decision. We played with three backs, but with the same system.

“It was because of that particular moment during the game, because Celta were playing with four forwards and when we were ahead I decided to put another player in the back row to have superiority there. It was circumstantial; I like playing with four defenders."

The Italian also confirmed that Keylor Navas would be starting between the sticks against Almería, again at the Bernabéu: "Keylor will play tomorrow. There is no reason why it is always at the Bernabéu.

“I haven't thought about whether the game was at the Bernabéu or away. It can be at home or away."

Mistaken with Chicharito: "I have been mistaken many a time, but I think that when you decide on the line-ups, once in a while you can be wrong. He is doing very well, he has helped the team and I hope he continues to do so."

La Liga wearing the team down: "We have a complicated calendar; we have the confidence to do a good job; the team is looking good and is still lively. We are not thinking about whether Barça will slip up."

Bale: "Yesterday he was out on the pitch. Today and tomorrow he will train alone. I hope that on Thursday he will be able to train with the team. We are hoping that Karim will work with the group on Sunday."

James: "James is different because he's a very talented player but is physically very strong, something which is not usual in players of great talent. I think that is why he has very often played further back on the pitch, where it is more physically demanding."

Will Atlético be out for victory even though they have nothing to play for?: Yes, Atlético are a professional team. I have no doubt that they will play hard in all their games, whether they need the result or not. I have no doubts about their manager or their players."

Jesé: "He needs time. He's back from a very serious injury and then he has had a lot of competition for a place, but now he is ready to play. Tomorrow he will play."

Source: Marca