Ancelotti: "We have no problem with the system but the lack of intensity"

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

After a disappointing result against their neighbours, Ancelotti discussed the press room defeat: "We have to do an analysis of the slump in the second half and try to fix it fast The first part was good, as in Anoeta, the second is not."

The fans at Bernabéu whistled Casillas but Ancelotti replied "Whistles have not I heard, I'm focused on the game I just think tactics game I do not hear the supporters."

He Believes Madrid lacked some sort of continuity: "We have not repeated the good from the first part descended pace without aggression We are paying for the mistakes we're making There are moments that do not work out the things we have to change and react quickly"

He also said "The early season is not good, but it's only the beginning'll fix it.".

As for the fist goal conceded through a corner kick, he stated: "A goal conceded in the first post is not the fault of the goalie." Ancelotti insists: "We have no problem with the system is the lack of intensity."

On the substitution of Arbeloa, the Italian noted "Sergio Ramos is central We are very confident with him there Changing Arbeloa is because card Arbeloa had played well..."

On Chicharito used as substitute, he said "Chicharito has entered a time it was not easy going have to keep working to be helpful".


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