Andreas Christensen used to be a striker.

Christensen has spoken about the days he used to play as a No. 10.

Andreas Christensen says he used to play as a forward during his teen days and also confirmed he is enjoying life under new Chelsea manager Frank Lampard.

The Blues defender started his career in Denmark with Brondby, where he played as a frontman before engineering a move to Chelsea's youth team in 2012.

While speaking to Sky Sports News, Christensen also revealed his defending heroes.

He said: "Every season, we needed a 10 so I moved there, played really well - I would say - then we needed a six, but that was only one position down so maybe I could do that.

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"One day, we needed a defender and they chose me again and I performed well there too. Goalkeeper was the next step, but that was never going to happen!

"When I moved to a defender, I had two or three [players I looked up to] in mind. JT (John Terry) when I came here, he had a big presence at the club and was someone I looked up to.

"Even though he was at Liverpool, Daniel Agger was another, he was from Denmark and in the national team, he was someone I could always speak to. I still look up to both of them and want to do what they achieved."

Speaking on how things are under new boss Frank Lampard, the 23-year-old said: "So far, it's been good.

"I've got a lot of game time in the beginning so for me personally, it's been good. [Lampard] has brought back a lot of what he liked to do as a player - a lot of possession games, a lot of hard work but in a good way, with the ball.

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"He brought a lot of people back too, either from the youth team or people who have been away and has brought them back. Everyone out there knows what Chelsea is about and that feeling has been good to take in.

"My first season with the first team was [Lampard's] last one. I've always looked up to the big players and big names at the club and he was certainly one of them. I remember that he was very professional, he worked hard and I enjoyed the short time I had to play with him."

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