Arsène Wenger believes football has the power.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says football has a big responsibility to take a leading role in erasing racism.

The west London club Chelsea suspended three fans from Stamford Bridge following a situation which took place on Tuesday evening in Paris.

And, Wenger is convinced anyone who is guilty of racial abuse must be banned from attending games but it's an issue that needs to be clamped on generally.

“I found it [the Paris incident] sad,” Wenger is quoted saying by “Have you seen the pictures? I don't know how you can find any happiness in these kind of pictures. I think even English people are shocked as that's not the image I have of English fans.

“I still think in England it is a small problem, in France it is a small problem, but no matter how small it is, you have to try to eradicate it completely.

“Football is the most popular sport, the most public sport, the most [high-profile in media] sport, and that is why we have to have a bigger responsibility.

“Of course you accept that - I don't speak for me or you, I speak for a boy of 10 years old and sees that, that is the problem. We are old enough and strong enough to think that is stupid.

“You are against any signs of racism whether it is against a player at your club or from another club, we have to be conscious of that.”


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