Arsenal great Vieira - I feel sorry for Xhaka.

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Vieira backs Arsenal midfielder Xhaka to overcome difficult moment.

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira leapt to the defence of Granit Xhaka, saying the midfielder deserves respect.

Xhaka was stripped of his role as captain after he swore at the Arsenal fans while leaving the pitch in their 2-2 draw with Crystal Palace at the Emirates.

However, the manager of Ligue 1 side Nice, says he feels sorry for the Switzerland international, who is “going through a difficult time”.

"I feel sorry for him because he's going through a really different period and really difficult time at Arsenal," Vieira said as the Mirror reported.

"But I think we have to remind ourselves that he's achieved a lot since he's (been) at Arsenal and he deserves a lot of respect.

"When you're a player and don't perform the way you expect, you get frustrated about yourself. And sometimes you say things or do things you regret.

"I find it really difficult a lot of ex-footballers have jumped on him and being really negative towards him - it's too too easy.

"I know how good he is and he will come through this difficult period because he's a strong man, he's a good player. And he will show how good he is.''