Arsenal need to replicate their unique performance says Gary Neville.

Gary Neville challenges the Gunners to repeat their good performance.

Arsene Wenger's side beat the Premier League champions Manchester City at the Etihad on Sunday, thanks to goals by Santi Cazorla and Olivier Giroud.

Arsenal's performance against Manchester City on Sunday was a very good one. A plan which was executed perfectly.

But, Gary Neville refuses to get carried away after praising the Gunners' unique performance and said they would need to replicate the same display in both Europe and domestic competitions.

"I think we’re probably going a little bit over the top because we expected to come here today and see more of the same from Arsenal," Neville said.

"I have to say the most important thing now is that they move forward and build on that, and don't go back to how they were in previous games when they came away from home.

"Not many teams come here and win so it's a big feat today what they’ve done.

“They can be proud tonight, they can go back on that train to London and they can all look at each other and think they’ve showed spirit, fight, discipline, organisation and resilience.

"Everything we’ve said Arsenal have lacked in the last four or five years, they showed today - and that’s something they should be proud of.

"The talent and skill will come out next week at home. Today was about those qualities and showing a different side of the game, and that’s what they did."


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