Arsene Wenger not expecting a weak Swansea.

Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has said that the only way to prepare in the Premier League these days is not to expect any weakness from an opponent.

He said this in an interview ahead of his side's trip to Wales to take on Swansea.

Asked if it was a good time to take on Swansea, quotes the French boss saying: "I don't know, honestly. We expect our opponents always to turn up with full commitment so we prepare ourselves to be at our best. I believe that's the only way to prepare nowadays in the Premier League, not to expect any weakness in your opponent."

On Gary Monk, the manager of Swansea, Wenger believes that he has done well.

"He has surprisingly been questioned very quickly. I think he has done extremely well. Very quickly some rumours came up last week that he could be questioned. I was surprised because I think he’s done extremely well."

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