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Arteta on Everton's Dilemma, FA Charge, and Ramsdale's Role Ahead of Brentford Clash

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

London, UK - Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta spoke candidly in a pre-match press conference today, covering a range of topics from his former club Everton's challenges to the FA charge following their recent defeat against Newcastle. As the Gunners gear up for their Premier League clash against Brentford at the G-Tech Community Stadium on Saturday, Arteta shared insights on various issues.

Everton's 10-Point Deduction

Expressing empathy for his former club Everton, Arteta acknowledged the difficulty they face with the 10-point deduction. "I feel very connected to the club, and it is a very difficult moment as it puts the club in a difficult position," he remarked. Arteta highlighted Everton's history of resilience, adding: "If there are qualities that describe that club, it is the courage, determination, and the fight. They will fight against anything, and I wish them the best."

FA Charge for Comments After Newcastle Loss

Arteta spoke about the FA charge against him for comments made after the Newcastle defeat. "We tried to give our points and our reasons why. There is a process, and when you get asked to give your observations, you have to do it in the right way," he explained. Emphasising the importance of constructive communication, Arteta added: "We all want to improve the game. To have that, we have to have freedom of speech respectfully and in a constructive way. It’s good that they are talking."

Ramsdale's Development and Starting Against Brentford

Speaking on goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale's development, Arteta emphasized his role in helping players reach their potential. "My job is to try and help people in the very best possible way every day to make him better and give them the best possible chance to fulfil the potential in their career," he said. Arteta confirmed Ramsdale's start against Brentford, with David Raya unavailable due to being on loan from the Bees.

The Challenge Brentford Posses

Previewing the upcoming match against Brentford, Arteta acknowledged the formidable challenge posed by the opposition. "Brentford is a really tough opponent, and it is a difficult place to go. They make it extremely difficult, and they are really effective and well-coached. It will be a tough match," he noted.

Watching Manchester City vs. Liverpool

When asked if Arsenal would watch the Manchester City vs. Liverpool game before their own, Arteta affirmed: "We watch the games for sure as we are interested in the league, and we are always on top of things."

As Arsenal prepare for a crucial encounter, Arteta's comments provide insights into the team's mindset and approach as they strive for success in the Premier League this season.

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