Barcelona forward Luis Suarez credits Brendan Rodgers for his success.


Barcelona forward Luis Suarez once again credited Liverpool and their manager Brendan Rodgers for his development as a player, according to a recent interview.

"Your game changes all the time. If you are not learning every day in training, you are going backwards as a player," Suarez told Squawka. "Liverpool developed me and I did well in the Premier League, scoring hat-tricks or getting winners, and that gives you the confidence to think you can be a game-changer when you go out on the pitch."

Suarez, 28, has become a key player for Barca since his €80 million arrival from Liverpool last summer, forming an all-South American attacking trio alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar which has contributed a combined 117 goals this season.

"At Barcelona it is the same. We have forwards who can impose themselves on games, and that is how I need to be," he said. "While we've also got some of the best midfielders who have ever lived. It is an absolute dream for any forward.

"Their game is about playing the right ball at the right time, and my game is all about capitalising on that, so you could not ask for better. I am in my element playing with them.

"On the training ground and during matches, you need to show that you can blend in. So yes, it is back to zero again. It is exciting but of course you are nervous."

Suarez is currently battling a hamstring issue and not played since being substituted at halftime during the Champions League semifinal second leg at Bayern Munich on May 12. He remains a fitness worry ahead of Saturday's Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao.

The Uruguayan told the website that his former Liverpool manager was key to his development following his £22.7 million move from Ajax in 2011.

"When Brendan was appointed, I was excited. I'd actually spoken to him when he was at Swansea in Spanish, which I thought was a good touch," Suarez said. "He was familiar with the Spanish way of playing, as he'd studied there.

"He was very clever and told me that Liverpool would play possession football, as it would suit me. He helped me with my runs, arriving in the area at the right time and coming in from wide -- rather than just waiting in the middle -- which benefited my confidence.

"We worked hard on finding ways I could isolate players and then try to beat them, man on man. That was the only way I could succeed in England. [...] If you punt a long ball up towards me and one of these [Premier League] defenders, I am not going to win it.

"But the way Liverpool played, with the ball on the floor, and being released very fast to my feet, gave me a chance against the big guys. [...] I wasn't proven and I had to adapt to the Premier League, which Brendan knew. He knows all about English football and he educated me to become successful."

Source: ESPN FC