Barcelona genius Lionel Messi is becoming more of an all-round player than ever before.

It has been another excellent season for the outstanding Lionel Messi, the Argentine has once again defied all expectations scoring 56 goals in the 56 matches that he played which works out to the incredible statistic that equals a goal a game.

Everyone is well aware of the Argentine’s scoring capabilities but this season we have seen a significant improvement in Messi’s contribution to his team mates and that has seen his assist count grow to heights that we haven’t seen for quite a few years from the forward.

In all competitions this season Messi has produced 31 assists which his best record since gaining 37 assists in the 2011/12 season. It is certainly a massive improvement from the two previous seasons gaining just 16 assists in 2013/14 and 18 assists in 12/13.

The 27-year-old has improved his contribution across the board, this season he managed to complete 1,902 successful passes in just La Liga alone, 732 passes more than the previous campaign and 423 more than the season before it.

This season he completed 75 key passes, nine more than the previous season and 42 more than the season before it.

Many would say that the Argentine supposed ‘rival’ in Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has overall had the better season racking up an impressive 61 goals in just 54 games, though the Portuguese’s goal record is superior to Messi’s the Barca player shadows his fellow forward when it comes to contribution to the team.

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There isn’t much between them in terms of actual with Ronaldo grabbing 22 overall and 16 in La Liga which is only a difference of nine and five respectively. However in terms of passing is where we begin to see the differences with Ronaldo completing 941 successful passes in La Liga which is a massive 961 less than his rival. We also see a difference in the number of key passes with Ronaldo making 57 which is 18 less than Messi.

Overall, despite a slow start to the season Messi ended the 14/15 season very much on the stronger foot than his Portuguese counterpart.

It might have been a low goal count by his own standards but with the deadly force of both Neymar and Luis Suarez alongside him, his team contribution has become more crucial than ever and with these stats it could bring round the scary prospect that Lionel Messi is becoming more of an all-round player than ever before.


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