Boring Chelsea? No, Arsenal's 10 years without a title is boring, slams Jose Mourinho

Arsenal fans sang "boring, boring Chelsea" after the Blues battled from the back to secure a valuable point, keeping their lead at 10 points.

Jose Mourinho responded to jeers of "boring, boring Chelsea" by ridiculing Arsenal's lack of a Premier League title since 2004.

When asked about the chants, Mourinho told the post-match press conference: "Boring is ten years without a title. That is boring.

Chelsea battled to secure the goalless draw against the Gunners on Sunday evening, in a game void of clear-cut goalscoring opportunities.

The Blues were rejected three penalty appeals in the first half, however, but by keeping the scores level, Chelsea kept the gap at the top of the table to 10 points.

Therefore, the Blues can win the Premier League title next weekend should they defeat Leicester City on Wednesday night.

Mourinho has defended his tactics in the game with Arsenal and says that he did set his team out to win the match, despite the jibes from the crowd.

Speaking to the BBC, he said: "We want to win. We tried to win. But the game was difficult, against a very good team and it was not possible to win.

"We had a game plan - in the first half we were very dangerous, in spite of Arsenal making lots of fouls to stop counter attacks.

"Second half we were less dangerous. But the team was very solid.

"We know we need five points [it's actually six] to be champions. It is not for us to gamble at the end of the game. Arsenal took off Olivier Giroud near the end and maybe Arsenal are happy to be second and happy with a point."

Meanwhile, Chelsea captain John Terry congratulated his team for 'nullifying' the attacking threat of Arsenal and dominating the game from the back.

Terry believes that by staying 10 points ahead of the Gunners, they have taken a massive step towards lifting the Premier League trophy.

He said: "It is a big step to where we want to go. Its not done mathematically but it's a big step. Listen, Arsenal are a very good side and they have world-class players but we nullified them."

Chelsea will win the title if they win their next two matches, which are against Leicester City on Wednesday and Crystal Palace next Sunday.

Source: Daily Mail