Brazil legend tips Coutinho for Barca


Brazil great Rivaldo reckons Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho will join Barcelona someday.

The former Barca attacker believes Coutinho's services will help the LaLiga giants as the midfield ace is a player that stands out.

Rivaldo told Sky Sports News HQ: "In my opinion, he's a great player and a player who knows Neymar well. I think they are both friends - players who stand out.

"I think that this transfer might happen because Barcelona is always going to attract the best, isn't it?

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"He is one of the players who stands out and I believe that this transfer - if he goes to Barcelona - would be a good thing for Barcelona for sure.

"He is a player who would definitely help Barcelona. Of course, Barcelona is a big club, but with a player like him, it would definitely be a big help."

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