Cahill: 'We need to be competing at the top of the table.'

Chelsea defender Gary Cahill is convinced the Blues can challenge for the Premier League title with Maurizio Sarri's guidance.

The longest-serving player, who recently took a step back from international football, at Stamford Bridge has revealed they are working on some new ideas and philosophy under the new boss.

‘There’s a new manager, we’re taking on some new ideas, a new philosophy definitely in shape and in the way he sees things,’ the centre-back, who moved to the west London side since 2012, exclusively told the Chelsea’s official app, the 5th Stand.

‘Wherever you’re experienced or not, it’s still a matter of getting your head down, working hard and getting fit when you come back for the start of the season. It’s been strange coming back so late with the World Cup.

‘It’s been staggered with some players having been back for four, five or six weeks, and some two, but there’s going to be plenty of games coming up.’

Zappacosta has "always remained focused on Chelsea."

‘There are a lot of top international players here, you saw a lot of them on show in the World Cup,’ Cahill continued.

‘There are many strong squads out there. The Premier League is unbelievable at the minute, but we need to be competing at the top of the table. That’s the pressure that’s on this club, that’s the pressure that is on us as players and the manager. We are looking to see if we can deliver this season.’



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