Cantona: "Spain didn't win the World Cup, Catalonia did"

Eric Cantona gave a press conference at the Laureus World Sports Awards. When asked to comment on Spain's recent form after winning the World Cup, he was quick to correct, "No, Catalonia won the World Cup. Spain won it with ten Barcelona players in the team. Spain did not win the World Cup, Catalonia did. Barcelona won it".

La Roja's future: "I’m sure that as soon as the youth set-up from Barcelona and other Spanish teams draw new, good players, Spain will emerge again".

Neither CR7 nor Messi… Pastore!: "The best player in the world, the most exciting player in the world, is Pastore from Paris St Germain. Why? Because I watched two games just to see Pastore playing, giving passes. He has got something special. Because football is interactive, it's why football is so popular, I think".

Barça, a great club: "They can buy the best players but, when you have a great academy, when you have a great generation, nobody can beat them, because they play together since they are 14 years old. And Barcelona understood that".

The Manchester derby: "United is a great club, so sometimes you have a season when you have to lose games and you finish fourth, fifth. But they came back and next year they can win the league. Now they are the kings of the city again".

The FIFA elections: "I always supported the people coming from football. As far as I know, I don't think Blatter played football. So I will support Figo".

Source: Marca