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Carragher: Liverpool to plan for the next campaign, once Premier League title has been secured.

Liverpool have been linked with several players throughout football's shutdown.

Liverpool will be preparing for next term, says Carragher. [Getty]
Liverpool will be preparing for next term, says Carragher. [Getty]

Ex-England international Jamie Carragher says Liverpool will use the remainder of the 2019-20 campaign to 'build up to next season'.

The Reds legend says Jurgen Klopp will be looking ahead of the current campaign once the Merseyside club end their 30-year wait for the league title.

Liverpool lead the Premier League table by 25 points and need only two wins from nine matches to be crowned champions of the English top-flight.

The Reds continue to be linked with several players across Europe including RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner.

Carragher told The Football Show: “Listen, Liverpool have won the league. Gary joked about Liverpool losing every game, but I believe if they lost every game, they’d probably still win the league because Man City have to win every game, and that’s not going to be easy for any team at this stage.

"It’s an interesting one from Liverpool’s point of view because if Liverpool do win the league in the first couple of games, they are probably one of the few teams in the league, who probably haven’t got much to play for.

"It’s then how Jurgen Klopp uses those games. Is it almost like, not so much a pre-season, but a build up to next season? Would he almost, give his squad games? People would then talk about the integrity of the league as well because it does look like there won’t be much of a break between the end of this season and going into next season.

"So, this is almost, for the clubs who are in a fortunate position if you haven’t got too much riding on it, they are actually almost getting ready for next season in some ways. That’ll be interesting to see what Klopp does between whenever Liverpool win the league and the end of the season."

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