Carrick opens up about two-year battle after defeat to Barcelona in 2009.

Michael Carrick has revealed he suffered depression after Manchester Untied's defeat to Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League final.

Sir Alex Ferguson's side suffered a 2-0 loss at the hands of the Catalan club in Rome as Samuel Eto'o and Lionel Messi found the net on the day.

The former United midfielder told The Times: "It was the biggest low of my career by quite some way and I don't really know why. I thought I'd let myself down in the biggest game of my career. I had won the Champions League the year before, but that was totally irrelevant.

"It felt like I was depressed. I was really down. I imagine that is what depression is. I describe it as depression because it wasn't a one-off thing. I felt bad or terrible after some games, but then you get over it in the next couple of days, but that one I just couldn't shrug off. It was a strange feeling.

"I beat myself up over that [Eto'o] goal. I kept asking myself, 'Why did I do that?', and then it [the depression] snowballed from there. It was a tough year after that. It lingered for a long time."

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