Cech I would be more confident without Helmet

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has revealed that he would be more confident in goal without his protective helmet.

Cech began wearing the helmet after he suffered a head injury in a tie against Reading at the Madejski Stadium back in 2006 when he collided with Stephen Hunt. The injury kept Cech out of action for months.

"I would be more confident if I had it off," he told Tyden according to the London Evening Standard.

He said that the helmet affects his hearing and his surrounding when in action.

"Whether you like it or not, the helmet affects your surroundings. You have your ears covered and it makes hearing worse.

The Czech international also revealed that "the doctor" has told him not to remove his helmet while playing, saying removing it will affect his insurance.

"But the doctor has forbidden me to take off the helmet. If I did, I would not get insurance."

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