Cesc Fàbregas defends his decision to join Chelsea in the summer transfer window.

The Spain international insisted that he was left with little choice after Arsenal made a choice from a range of possibilities against re-signing him.

“Changing clubs is part of the game and people must remember it was Arsenal who didn’t take up the buy-back option for me,” Fàbregas said. “What am I going to do – retire? No way.

“I can understand some people at Arsenal are sad, some people are upset, some people are even angry. But I have to look after myself. I had to make a decision.

“I wanted to keep playing football, enjoying myself and my career and I felt that joining Chelsea was the best option for me. There would have been a reaction wherever I had gone.”

Fàbregas has scored a goal and made six assists in five matches in all competitions so far this season.


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