Cesc Fabregas confident ahead of Chelsea's clash against PSG.

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has backed the Blues to show character against PSG in their Champions League second leg tie at Stamford Bridge.

The French champions Paris Saint-Germain will be at west London tomorrow evening, facing Mourinho's side who secured an away goal in the reverse fixture that ended 1-1 at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

However, Fabregas is hoping their experience in the competition and the home advantage on Wednesday night can help see them through to the quarter-finals.

"When the pressure comes in the final minutes of a game and you are about to win or lose or maybe go to penalties, it’s about the character of everyone, the attitude, the personality," the Spain international told a press conference.

"Experience can help but at a certain moment it’s about how the whole team plays. Maybe they have more experience than us in terms of age but we are a very talented young team. We want to take Chelsea to the next round.

"We know PSG are a great team and we respect them a lot, but that doesn’t mean they scare us. We will push to win from the start. We will go to chase the game and not just sit back and see what happens.

"From my experience, especially with the national team, when we mentally unlocked that fear of a quarter-final or the really big stage, that was when we felt we could become champions. Once we were champions we were unstoppable.

"That’s what we have to do: take any fear out when we are on the pitch tomorrow, believe we are the best, and be mentally dominant and mentally ready to cope with every situation.

"We don’t expect it will be a walk in the park. That’s why have to be mentally and physically ready for every situation. When we feel danger we have to stick together as a team. If they allow us to be dangerous going forward that’s when we have to really go for them.

"Hopefully tomorrow we will have this killing instinct and go for the game from the first second.

"I would be lying if I said it was not a competition that is special to me. Physically and mentally I will give everything for Chelsea to win it. If you asked every footballer what they wanted to win in their career they would tell you the World Cup and the Champions League.

"It’s definitely in my mind but it’s not extra pressure. I want to win for Chelsea, I want to give my best, and hopefully tomorrow we can go through to the next round.

"It’s a competition that sometimes not the best team wins. Sometimes you have to be fortunate with the draws you get, with the performance you have on the day. We just want to take it to the next level tomorrow. We want to go through and we have to make it happen."

Written by @Chukkymufc


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