Cesc Fabregas: I've spoken to Sergio Ramos about his recent remarks.

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has responded to Sergio Ramos after the Los Blancos centre-half questioned his commitment to Spain.

Fabregas was not involved in Spain's matches against Belarus and Germany during the international break due to a hamstring injury.

Ramos questioned the commitment of a few players and said they should reveal more commitment to the Spanish side, comments which Fabregas didn't like.

And the Blues midfield maestro, who joined Chelsea in the summer said that he has had words with the Real Madrid defender since he made those comments during the recent international break.

“Yes, I felt offended, and told Sergio how I felt,” Fabregas told Cande Cope. “We eventually spoke on the phone and all is fine.

“It really irked me that my level of commitment was doubted. I’ve played many times and been involved in call-ups without playing. I’ve played 94 games for Spain over the past nine years,” the 27-year-old added.

“I had tendinitis in my left hamstring. If I played I could have ended up with an injury not to dissimilar to that of Modric.

“I told Ramos at the time that if he has something to say to me then he should pick up the phone and call and not send messages via the media. We’ve been playing together since we were in the Under-21 team together.”

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