Cesc Fabregas isn't happy about Chelsea's present form.

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has revealed he doesn't sleep well at night as he has been worried about the Blues' poor start to the season. The Premier League champions are in 16th position on the table, having won only three in 12 league matches. And, the former Arsenal captain said he has been wondering how they've gone from champs to chumps. "Sometimes when I am at home, in bed, I wonder," said Fabregas, as the Daily Star reported. "You have your own thoughts and the manager will have his thoughts about what is going on and it is all about talking about things and putting this right all together."

When asked if he really stays awake at night worrying about their current form at the Bridge, he replied: "Yes, when things don't go right. "Football is my life. It is everything to me. "My family keep me happy sometimes, but when football does not go well, my life is not happy. "I try to fix it and try to put it right. We are used to always being at the top. "This season has been really difficult, obviously. We are not in the best moment at the club. "We want to lift ourselves up and we want to start playing better than we have been doing. It has been difficult as we don't like to be losing. "For me and the manager and some other players, we have always been lucky enough to play for big teams. "Always trying to get to the top and always be fighting for things. In the Champions League, we are still there and the FA Cup has not even started yet.

"So it is all about the League, trying to put the good performances in week-in, week-out and trying to be as high as we can around Christmas because then, it will be a very, very tough time." @Chukkymufc


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