Chambers: “You’ve got to have a good attitude.”

Arsenal defender Calum Chambers has said that one of the most important things for him growing up at Southampton was having a good attitude.

The Gunners signed the English man from Southampton for £16m in July 2014. The defender joined Southampton at the age of seven.

“You’ve got to have a good attitude,” he told Arsenal Player, reports. "I think that is one of the most important things for me growing up at Southampton. It is all about attitude and the willingness to learn and learn off others.

"You have to try to go into every session wanting to learn more and try to improve. You can either coast through it or give it the mindset that you want to learn and improve in that session.

“Stepping into a professional environment and playing first-team football, I think the most important thing I learnt is that you have to be confident enough to express yourself on the pitch in front of a big crowd.

"You always have to enjoy training, enjoying playing. That is one of the most important things for me. You don’t go through games perfectly. You can watch it back and there will be things you have done wrong. I think you can learn from every game, every decision and every touch – just analysing yourself.

“I have to keep striving to want more, wanting to improve. The level of the games now means you have to keep at your game every week. My mindset is on improving massively. You have to want to be a better player so I think from a young age you have to have a good attitude and want to learn and improve.

“You could say that separates the greats from the ordinary - that willingness to go the extra step. I’m sure all the best players want to learn and get the best information from people as possible. I think that is very important.”

By @Simeonemandeho


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