Champions League: Arsene Wenger says Dortmund deserved the win.

After a 2-0 defeat at the Westfalenstadion last night, Arsene Wenger believes Dortmund deserved the win.

Italian striker, Ciro Immobile scored the first goal for the home side taking the the lead into half-time and another strike by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in the 48Th minute made it 2-0.

Arsenal had only one shot on target all night, lost possession often and didn't play well as a team.

Wenger said “We weren’t at the requested level tonight and we lost, they deserved their win.

“I still believe that we were a bit unlucky because we conceded just before half-time and just after. After that, the game was difficult of course.

“But despite our very average performance, we had plenty of chances, that’s a little bit the paradox of the night. We could have been leading the game, but they as well – they had plenty of chances.”

Wenger also commented on Welbeck who missed a couple of chances to score his first goal for Arsenal.

“He was dangerous, he tired in the second half and couldn’t finish tonight.

“He looked lively and for all the rest he did well. He needs a goal to get that off his shoulders.”


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