Chicharito: "Berlin is still a long way away".

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Javier Hernández has cautioned against complacency going into the Champions League tie against Juventus and stressed that the final in Berlin "is still a long way away".

The Mexican reflected on his quarter-final heroics in an interview with UEFA. "It was an explosion of joy", Chicharito admitted about the moment when he grabbed the late winner to put Atlético to the sword.

"We were all looking for it. It was a team effort. We were only able to get the one goal over the 180 minutes; Atlético defended really well and [Jan] Oblak put in two good performances. It seemed as if the goal wasn't going to come, but we never lost faith or stopped fighting. We knew that it would come sooner or later and that's what happened", he added.

The striker has already turned his attention to the next challenge: "We always show everyone all due respect. We know that when teams come up against Real Madrid they are extra motivated.

“We respect them as they do us. In football everything is decided out on the pitch and we always go out to win.

“Juventus are a great side who keep going to the last and are very well prepared. They've also got some great individuals. The standard in the Champions League is extremely high".

Hernández isn't hiding his excitement about the prospect of advancing to the showpiece, though he warned that he and his teammates mustn't get ahead of themselves.

"We've all got our minds set on reaching the final. I've been playing in the Champions League for five years and I've only made it to one final, in which I unfortunately didn't end up on the winning side.

“Lifting 'Ol' Big Ears' is something all footballers dream of, but right now Juventus are foremost in our thoughts. We have to take it step by step because Berlin is still a long way away. We're up against very tough opposition and we'll try to do our best to get to the final", he mused.

Chicharito also explained what the Real Madrid shirt represents for him: "Strong motivation, excitement and commitment".

He went on to note that he never loses sight of the word "enjoyment", adding: "Being at the best club in the world is like a dream".

Source: Marca


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