Chris Smalling's dressing-room neighbours.

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling discloses who sits beside him in the Aon Training Complex dressing room.

Speaking to the England centre back reveals his dressing-room neighbours.

Smalling said: "I sit in the right-hand corner next to Jonny Evans. Ben Amos used to be next to me, but he moved because he kept leaving his wet gloves on the side - we pushed him over to the goalkeeper corner! I was also next to Danny Welbeck, but his place has been taken by Jesse Lingard, and Tyler Blackett is next to him – it’s quite a young corner, but it’s also a fun corner to be in.”

The United defender also compared his corner where he sits which is quiet to his captain’s side which seems to be a little more vocal.

"Daley Blind is next to Tyler and Michael Carrick is next to him, so it’s a good corner and a tidy one too! Ashley Young and Wayne Rooney tend to be pretty loud in their corner, but ours probably rivals theirs,” he added.

"You get to know people better when you sit next to them every day, and I think that goes for the whole dressing room - everyone gets on well. We’ve had quite a few new players and youth players coming through and it’s been easy for everyone to gel together.

"The dressing room is always pretty lively. We all come in around a similar time and there are always lots of jokes. Sometimes there will be socks thrown around so it’s good to be able to see everyone from our corner! You have around an hour to prepare before training and everyone is always in good spirits. It helps that we’re in good form and we want to keep it going.”



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