Costa nearly left Chelsea for Atleti

Diego Costa has revealed he almost quit Stamford Bridge for a return to LaLiga side Atletico Madrid last summer.

The Brazil-born striker, who praised Antonio Conte for changing him, has been in fine form, scoring 15 times for the Premier League table toppers Chelsea - who are on a 13-game winning streak.

"Could I have gone in the summer? Yes, yes. I was about to leave," he said as reported. "I was about to but, well, I'm happy here as well and that's that.

"Did I want to go? Yes, yes. I had the possibility to go to Atletico, because of a few things, the family, the life I have there but not because of Chelsea, because, here, there's a lot of love with the supporters, with the people, so I'm here very happy, I'm very content.

"People love me a lot. There was one thing I wanted to change for family reasons but, well, it wasn't to be and I continue to be happy here. It was important too that the manager, from the very first minute, said he counted on me.

"The truth is the manager is good with the players, every time making more jokes with the players, and that's good for us, to have a manager who is not just a boss but like a person we can talk with, someone whose support we can count on in difficult moments.

"He is calm with the players and you can see the people love him more all the time."

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