Damien Comolli insists Liverpool's signing of Jordan Henderson could have cost him his job.

Liverpool's former director of football Comolli believes his reign at the club ended because they signed Henderson from Sunderland.

The 41-year-old revealed at the 'Web Summit in Dublin' that the £20 million signing of Henderson from Sunderland back in 2011 could be the main reason he was relieved of his duty.

“When we signed Jordan Henderson, he got so much criticism, I got so much criticism,” Comolli said.

“I was never told why I was sacked but I was led to believe it was because we signed Jordan Henderson, and the owners were convinced he was not good enough.

“Looking at Jordan Henderson, we wanted legs, we wanted physicality, we wanted pace and creativity in the final third.

“I was able to benchmark Jordan against the top midfield players in the Premier League, taking his age into consideration, taking the transfer fee into consideration, and in my position, you need to look at age, money and the player’s ability.”

Comolli continued: “Looking at all this, what he was doing for his age, and all due respect to Sunderland, he was definitely undervalued by the market. And I’ve been told we overvalued him. Even directors at Sunderland later said ‘You didn’t know what you were doing’.

“Jordan stood out at the time, when he was 20, because of the number of chances he created in the final third. He was very good at it. When you look at chances created in the final third in open play, you are the best player finishing in the top 5-10 [in the Premier League] every year.

“So when I saw Jordan in that area, I thought he’s definitely got something. Because when I was looking at it five years back, [Thierry] Henry, [Frank] Lampard and [Cesc] Fabregas were there, so when he was there, I thought definitely he’s got something. It can’t be a coincidence, and now look at him.”


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