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David Raya on Relationship with Goalkeeper Rivals and Aspirations at Arsenal.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Arsenal's summer signing, David Raya, opened up about his relationship with his fellow teammate Aaron Ramsdale and shared his aspirations with the North London club.

The goalkeeper Raya expressed the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with fellow keepers at the club, emphasising their camaraderie and mutual support. He highlighted how they push each other during training sessions, ensuring that they bring out the best in each other. This support system, he believes, is vital to the success of their training.

“The relationship? It’s very good,” Raya told The Athletic. “At the end of the day, we are mates, which is the important thing. We have a very healthy relationship. There are no problems.

“We push each other every day in training: when he’s a little bit down, I push him, and [it's vice versa] when I’m a little bit down. We train three goalkeepers, four at the most, for hours a week, and you need that kind of relationship because otherwise, the training is not going to go well.

Raya also revealed his personal aspirations, stating: "I don't like to look to the future, I like to look at the day-to-day… but the perfect end would be to win a title with Arsenal, to be called up to the national team for the European Championship, and to have a good tournament.

The 28-year-old shot-stopper, acquired by Arsenal from Brentford on an initial loan deal with a mandatory purchase option, has already demonstrated his capabilities on the field under Arteta by keeping four clean sheets in six games.

With Raya's commitment to his training and aspirations for success, it appears that Arsenal has a dedicated goalkeeper ready to contribute to their pursuit of silverware.

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