David Silva is confident that Manchester City can stop Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

Diego has scored seven goals in four Premier League starts but his International team mate David Silva believes he can be stopped from scoring tomorrow at the Etihad.

“Diego has made a huge impact. He’s scored seven times so far, so that record speaks for itself,” Silva said.

“That’s very important for Chelsea, but not that good for us. But we’ve got a good defence and I believe we can stop him on Sunday.

“It’s not easy to adapt to the Premier League, but he has clearly done it very quickly. [Cesc] Fàbregas, of course, knew the Premier League before, from his time at Arsenal. Some players adapt quicker than others but it’s never easy.

“But it’s really all about how the team plays. We’ve got a strong team, we’re a big club and our aim as always is to go out and win the game.”


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