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Denis Law Pays Tribute to Sir Bobby Charlton: A Dream Partnership Remembered

Updated: Mar 3

Denis Law, a legendary figure in football and a former Manchester United teammate of the late Sir Bobby Charlton has shared heartfelt words of remembrance for his colleague and friend. Law, 83, spoke of the deep admiration and respect he held for Charlton, describing the experience of playing alongside him as "a dream."

Charlton, along with George Best and Denis Law, formed what is fondly known as Manchester United's 'Holy Trinity.' This trio played an instrumental role in the club's resurgence following the tragic Munich air disaster in 1958.

A statue of the 'Holy Trinity' at Old Trafford has become a place of solace and reflection for fans, serving as a poignant reminder of Charlton's enduring legacy. Sir Bobby Charlton passed away at the age of 86, leaving a void in the hearts of football enthusiasts around the world.

Denis Law's tribute to his fellow teammate was filled with admiration for Charlton's unique footballing prowess. "What a striker of the ball he was," Law recalled as BBC Sport quoted, highlighting Charlton's exceptional skill in delivering powerful shots. "He could hit the ball so hard that I knew most keepers didn't stand a chance," Law reflected. On the rare occasions when keepers did manage to deflect Charlton's strikes, they would often fall invitingly to Law, allowing him to finish the play.

The synergy between the trio was a key factor in their success. Law spoke warmly of the years they spent together, stating, "We had many special and successful years together, and he was a joy to play with. He knew where every player was on the pitch, and for me, that was a dream. I knew if Bobby had the ball, it would find me, and it did."

In memory of Sir Bobby Charlton, over a thousand supporters gathered at Old Trafford to sign a book of condolence. Current first-team players and manager Erik ten Hag also penned messages at the club's training ground, to be included in the book in the coming days.

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