Ed Woodward isn't up to the job, says Van Gaal.

Manchester United chief Ed Woodward. [Getty Images]
Manchester United chief Ed Woodward. [Getty Images]

Since Louis van Gaal was relieved of his duties at Old Trafford, he hasn't held back on his scathing attack on Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward.

The Dutchman, who was sacked by United just after winning the FA Cup, has pointed the finger to Ed Woodward, saying he isn't a football man and he is the cause of the predicament the Red Devils find themselves in.

However, the 67-year-old told German magazine 11 Freunde: "At Bayern, the people in charge are football men. I always appreciated that.

"At Manchester United, on the other hand, Ed Woodward was installed as CEO - somebody with zero understanding of football who was previously an investment banker.

"It cannot be a good thing when a club is run solely from a commercially-driven perspective.

"I don't hold it against the club. They wanted Mourinho and he was on the market."

The Dutchman added: "Appointing Mourinho was obviously interesting from a business point of view.

"He wins games. And for a club like United, the main thing is to win trophies.

"How they are won isn't the main priority, the English fans see it differently.

"They accept that the game is not all about attacking but it is also about defending.

"I always tried to defend high up the pitch, to be in the opposition's half and play the game there."

Van Gaal led United to fourth and fifth-placed finishes during his two-year spell at Old Trafford.


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