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Erik ten Hag Sets Ambitious Goals for Man United's Away Performances

Ten Hag highlighted the importance of character and conviction and also indicated that Maguire has the potential to excel in his preferred position.

Manchester United's manager, Erik ten Hag, has articulated a clear objective for his team's performances away from Old Trafford. Speaking about this aspiration ahead of their match at Tottenham this weekend, ten Hag emphasised the need for improved away game results as a foundational step towards securing more points.

"That is one of the aims, we have to step up in away games to gather more points, to bring higher levels because that is the foundation for more points," ten Hag stated.

The manager highlighted the connection between exhibiting personality on the pitch and achieving success in away fixtures. He called upon the players to showcase greater personality, which he believes can lead to victories and a higher points tally away from home.

He added: "It is often to do with personality, so that’s a demand from me on the players, and we have to show more personality on the pitch to win such games and to gather more points in away games."

Erik ten Hag Praises Harry Maguire's Role in the Squad

Reflecting on the team's roster, ten Hag expressed his satisfaction with having Harry Maguire as a pivotal figure. The manager underscored the importance of a strong squad, especially given the demanding schedule of 50 to 60 games in the upcoming season, along with the players' international commitments.

"Harry is a player for us, I’m happy he’s here, so we need a good squad. We have four good centre-halves, with Luke Shaw if you count him, we have five, and we need that because we are going to play 50-60 games this season, all the players are internationals, so we have a lot of load to cover so yeah I’m very happy Harry is here.”

Emphasising the competitive nature of the squad, ten Hag highlighted that every player needs to fight for their position. He acknowledged his year-long association with Maguire and the expectations he has for a centre-back. The manager firmly believes in Maguire's capabilities and called upon him to rise to the occasion, noting that it's not just about skill but also character and conviction.

The 53-year-old said: "He has to fight for his position, as everyone in this squad. I’m now for one year, he knows what I expect from a centre half. He can do it, he has the ability to do it, so he has to show it.

"It’s about character, to be convinced to play that role. He has all the abilities and it’s up to him when the time is there."

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