Ex-Liverpool star: Don't expect big signings.


Liverpool great Jason McAteer has told the Reds fans not to expect major signings from Jurgen Klopp this summer, as the German boss will be looking to get players who fit into his football philosophy.

“It took him (Klopp) three years to get Dortmund where they were,” McAteer told the Liverpool Echo. “He didn’t have a great budget there but he knew exactly the players that could fit his philosophy, and I don’t think he’s in the market for the big names, he’s looking for players who can do what he wants.

“He will gradually turn it around, if it’s in 18 months’ time, then so be it. A lot of the fans – 99 per cent of them – are behind him, he’s lost a few because of what’s going on at the minute, but it’s a process that was always going to happen.

“It’s another man’s squad, he wasn’t brought in to instantly win the Premier League, he’s there for the long haul."

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