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Ex-Man City Star Hails Bernardo Silva's "Gorgeous" Goal

Ex-City Star Steve Howey Hails Bernardo Silva's "Gorgeous" Goal in 6-1 Win Over Bournemouth

In a stunning 6-1 victory over Bournemouth in the Premier League, former Manchester City star Steve Howey couldn't help but gush over Bernardo Silva's exquisite goal. The goal was orchestrated by none other than man-of-the-match Jeremy Doku, showcasing a sublime assist and an ice-cold finish by Silva that left Cherries' goalkeeper Andrei Radu helpless.

Nevertheless, Howey, who donned the City shirt 94 times between 2000 and 2003, had a ringside view of the action at the Etihad Stadium, and he didn't hesitate to express his admiration for Silva's moment of brilliance.

"I have to say Bernardo Silva's goal was absolutely gorgeous to watch," said Howey as quoted. "I think he's a wizard anyway. I think he's just a wonderful player. But to watch it live and see how good he actually is, just the composure he had and the dink over the goalkeeper. Wow!

"I just wish it had hit the back of the net rather than the lad claiming it [hadn't crossed the line]. But wow, what a player."

Silva's goal was indeed a sight to behold, with its blend of skill, finesse, and audacity. Howey's praise echoes the sentiments of many fans, who witnessed the breathtaking moment. It's a testament to the quality of midfielders like Bernardo Silva and the unforgettable moments they create on the football pitch.

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