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Ex-Man Utd Star Criticises Rashford's Impact

Paul Parker's Harsh Critique of Rashford

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford, who dazzled with 30 goals across all competitions last season, secured a generous five-year contract extension in the summer.

The deal, boasting a weekly wage of £300,000, has tied him with the club until 2028. However, former United right-back Paul Parker unleashed a scathing assessment of Rashford's contributions to the team ahead of the Champions League match against FC Copenhagen.

Parker asserts that Rashford's value has been overstated, raising questions about the timing and size of the new contract. Speaking candidly to Bettors, Parker stated: "Marcus Rashford doesn't bring anything to the team, and I said the same thing last year when he netted all those goals between November and April. He was never a good player; he was a goalscorer."

Parker's criticism did not go unnoticed then, with some fans and pundits labelling him bitter for his remarks. However, Parker is resolute that his intention is not to harbour bitterness but to analyse the situation. "People were calling me a traitor, they were calling me bitter, but this is not about bitterness. After that period with all these goals scored, people went mad with telling the club they should give him a new contract and tie him to the club."

Parker added: "Man United rushed to give him loads of money and now they are not being rewarded for what they invested in him. In any industry, you should be rewarded for consistency but he was rewarded after a few months and since then it has just been erratic."

Parker's critique has initiated a lively debate within the football community, with fans and analysts weighing in on Rashford's current form. The discussion will likely continue as Rashford continues to represent the Red Devils on the pitch.

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