FA punishments 'confused,' says Matt Le Tissier after Papiss Cisse, Jonny Evans spitting ban.

Former Southampton striker Matt Le Tissier is convinced the bans handed to Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse and Manchester United defender Jonny Evans shows the Football Association are confused when they hand out punishments.

On Saturday morning the FA said they were handing out a seven match ban to Cisse and six to Evans for spitting.

Both players were punished because of the incident which took place in Wednesday night's Premier League tie between the Magpies and the Red Devils at St James’ Park. Cisse suspension is a match longer because he had already been punished earlier in the season for an elbow on Everton full-back Seamus Coleman.

However, Saints legend Le Tissier gave his take on the ban handed out by the FA while speaking on Soccer Saturday [Sky Sports football show].

Le Tissier said: "It appears that the FA are confused.

“I’m sure they have got rules in place when all the controversial incidents come up but it does seem some incidents are getting far harsher punishments than others. Someone could get seriously injured in a certain situation but another incident is going to get a far longer ban.

“I think something needs to be done. There needs to be more clarity. There needs to be a huge sit-down with the whole group of people – the players, managers, referees - to work out some kind of tariff based on every kind of suspension they’ve given out in the past.

"They need to sit down and say ‘this is the punishment for this’ and ‘this is the punishment for that’. So, everybody knows at the start of the season if you do that offence, you know what is coming because at the moment it doesn’t seem as that is the case.”

Le Tissier also thinks the referees need extra help and the use of video technology will be a big plus.

“I think a few referees would accept video help during the game,” he added.

“You can’t always see everything but I think the problem lies with the people at the top. The players need to help the referees too. Stop diving and have a duty of care to your fellow professionals.

“We understand the FA want to try and protect the referees as much as they can and I think they do that because they worry about the numbers of referees they have got. I don’t think they want people being put off becoming a referee.

“For me, the FA have gone too far in protecting them. Referees have to accept a little bit of criticism but sometimes when I watch a game I can understand why a referee may have made a wrong decision due to the angle they are at. We get loads of angles to watch it on.

"Why can’t the FA give them a little bit of help and say ‘yes we are backing you, but we want to come to a correct decision when bad tackles have been made’. I don’t think that would be a massive problem for referees – I think they would accept that.”

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