Fabio Borini hopes for strike partnership with Balotelli at Liverpool.

Fabio Borini has responded to those criticising Mario Balotelli saying that his team mate needs to be understood on the pitch.

The 23-year-old attacker who turned down a permanent move to Sunderland in the summer transfer window believes himself and Balotelli could build a good partnership on the pitch as they “were born with the same idea of football”.

Borini told to talkSPORT: “I have played with him before and found it really well on the pitch.

“Not just because of the language but we were born with the same idea of football, as Italians, so it’s really easy to understand each other even without talking.”

Borini also added Balotelli can be decisive in matches. “He’s a player that can change the game whenever he wants,” said Borini.

“It’s a tough league, probably the toughest in Europe – and I think he understands that. In the games, he runs a lot and is really giving himself to the team, being very unselfish.”


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