Fabio Borini: Liverpool`s new summer signings will take time to gel.

Liverpool were held to a 1-1 draw with Everton in the Merseyside derby at Anfield making it three games in a row without a win in the Premier League.

However Borini believes the derby draw will give Liverpool some much-needed confidence.

Borini told Liverpool’s website: “In a derby, it helps to get more confidence because you push yourself harder for the game – it’s for the fans and for the pride of the city, for at least a few months.

“That really helps in the emotional side of the game. We showed better tempo and better control of the game. Obviously conceding in the last minute is a point that tells us to be concentrated until the last minute.

“Jagielka scored an unbelievable goal that maybe if he tried 100 times he would never do again. But it’s still part of concentration. The league is a long league – we have got lots of competition and lots of games.”

Borini also said: “Playing more together is going to help to gel all of the new players into the team and the style of play that we want to play here.

“That’s going to take time, as is learning a new language for some of them. It’s going to take time. For a team that wants to win, you can’t rely on only one player.

“So we need to build up team play and be confident in ourselves. The team is made up of individuals and if the individuals all work well together they are going to create a good team performance.”