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Football authorities ignoring player welfare - Klopp.

The Premier League is Europe’s only top flight league not using five substitutes.

LFC boss Jurgen Klopp. (Image Source: Getty Images)
LFC boss Jurgen Klopp continues to battle for five subs. (Image Source: Getty Images)

The issue of using five subs continues to be a hot topic of discussion after a number of injuries.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has blasted Premier League executives for "ignoring player welfare" over the five substitutes rule.

The football authorities had a meeting earlier this week with the shareholders of the England top-flight clubs and Klopp has confirmed that they didn’t consider the option of implementing five substitutes. 

Three Lions boss Gareth Southgate had already urged the football powers to reconsider the option of five subs after lawmakers IFAB gave the green lights a few months ago.

However, Klopp expressed his disappointment at how the mental health of footballers is not taken seriously.

"Nobody thought [five substitutes] would go through," he said in his press conference ahead of Liverpool's clash against Wolverhampton on Sunday.

"I told you about the facts in the manager meeting, if we were allowed to vote it would have gone through with 15-16 votes.

"But that it hasn't happened since is a sign the shareholders see it different to their managers. 

"That is not a good sign, to be honest, because it shows they ignore player welfare. The coaches don’t do that but these people do. But we have to accept that for the moment."

The German insists that he won’t stop fighting for the five subs.

"Mental health and player welfare, it’s the whole package, we will not stop fighting for it because it’s the right thing to do," he said.

"I got some numbers from the Scottish league; 65% substitutions were for load management, 30% for tactical, and 5% for injury reasons.

"When people tell me we don’t make enough changes that is the problem with three subs, because the third sub, sometimes two subs, you have to keep because so many players are on the edge. You don’t know who will go down first.

"So you cannot make early changes otherwise you could end the game with nine or 10 players and the Premier League is too strong for that. It [five subs] is just the right thing to do."

The Reds boss added: "I'm pretty sure we will discuss it again, as all the teams have to play every three days from now and everyone will feel the difference to other seasons.

"And next summer it will become a problem for [England manager] Gareth Southgate because most of the players he wants to pick will have played three times a week all the time.

"So Gareth [Southgate] will get what we can give him and if we stick with three subs then he has the problem then. So it's an FA problem, in my understanding."

Klopp also provided an injury update on midfielder Naby Keira and right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold.

"There's a chance Naby [Keita] and Trent [Alexander-Arnold] are in the squad," he said. "If they can play, start and play 90 minutes, I don't know."

On Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, he said the midfielder "looks promising, is on ball work, but we'll develop that in days and weeks."

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