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Football will benefit from Liverpool's Premier League glory - Emile Heskey.

Liverpool need only two more victories to be crowned champions for the first time in 30 years.

Liverpool need only two more wins to be crowned champions. [Liverpool FC / Getty]
Liverpool need only two more wins to be crowned champions. [Liverpool FC / Getty]

Emile Heskey is delighted with the work Jurgen Klopp has done at Liverpool, with the Merseyside club at the brink of ending their 30-year wait for the English top-flight title.

Klopp's Reds are 25 points clear of defending champions Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table and need only two wins to be crowned champions of the 2019-20 season which is set to resume on June 17 following the COVID-19 shutdown.

On the whole, former England and Liverpool striker Heskey says it's great to see 'one of the biggest clubs in the world at the pinnacle again'.

"It's huge," Heskey told Stats Perform News. "It's such a big club, and you don't realise until you go there until you walk down the streets of Liverpool or anywhere and you realise it's different.

"They are massive and they are so used to winning. If you go back to the 80s, that was their time of winning.

"This is the major one that has eluded Liverpool for 30 years. The Premier League hasn't been won by Liverpool. To get so close on many occasions but fall at that last hurdle.

"But now, being in the prime position to actually take it, is just an amazing feeling for the fans, amazing for the city and amazing for football in general because you've got one of the biggest clubs in the world at the pinnacle again."

The ex-Leicester City star Heskey believes Liverpool should have been given the title when the season came to a halt in March.

"It was a weird one for me," he said. "If you look back at when we went into lockdown, when sport actually locked down, if you think about it, one more week, they could have actually won the league.

"One more week and then, mathematically, we've won it, so you can't take it off us, so give us the league and let's just call off the league.

"Obviously there would be problems with that because relegation is a huge thing as well. With Leeds top of the [Championship] league, trying to get back into the league for 10, 15 years, so you'd have problems there.

"But just think about it, one more week and you could have actually won that."

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