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Former Manchester United forward Andy Cole thinks his old club are on the right track.

Manchester United hero Andy Cole believes his former club can compete for the Premier League title within the next few seasons.

Former Manchester United striker Andy Cole is convinced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side will soon become Premier League titles contenders again. The United legend Cole believes his former club are heading in the right direction could return to the top end of the league table within the next couple of seasons. United's last major title came under Sir Alex Ferguson's leadership in 2013, however, the ex-Newcastle forward doesn't think United will need 30 years to win the league again.

More: Spurs keeper Lloris says Liverpool deserve to be Premier League champions. Cole, who won five titles times during a trophy-laden stint at Old Trafford, told Sky Sports: "There is definite progress being made. It is all about making small steps. "When you are talking about challenging for the league in the next few years, I would genuinely like to believe so.

"It has taken Liverpool 30 years to get themselves in this position - I never want to see Man United in that position, taking 30 years to possibly win the Premier League again. "Man United will get there - with the better players that they keep and the better players they bring in - come possibly next season or the season after that."

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