Frank Lampard after Chelsea loss to Man City - 'We're coming to close the gap.'

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Lampard insists his Blues must improve to close the gap to Man City and Liverpool in the Premier League.

Frank Lampard is overly confident that his Chelsea side are on the right track despite their defeat to Premier League champions Manchester City.

The Blues scored the first goal against the Citizens at the Etihad on Saturday but Pep Guardiola's side fought back to seal a 2-1 win as Chelsea's six-match winning run came to an end.

"Some big parts were good, some bits we can improve on. That's why there's a gap, that's why there was a gap last year of however many points, that's what City and Liverpool have done," Lampard told Sky Sports after the match.

"I think we went toe to toe in the main. A moment of quality from Mahrez and a deflection for the first goal feels like the difference, for me.

"There was a lot of detail in the game, but I feel like we didn't have that bit of quality that we can have. Games like this can be won or lost in the boxes - and I think it was [the case].

"We're coming to close the gap. I don't want to shout that too loudly because football is day to day, week to week.

"Now we have to show our response to a defeat after a great run of wins, it feels like a long time since we lost a game in the league, so now we need to go and straight away get back on it, because I do feel like there were bits of that game that show that we're coming.

"Of course we're in the early stages, we're three or four months in, we're a team that we're strong last year anyway but some of our players were playing in the Championship last season and there's a bit of a transitional feel to it.

"I feel if we keep working then we will be coming."

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