Gabi: "If the footage is that clear, maybe UEFA should intervene".

Asked about Dani Carvajal's alleged bite on Mario Mandzukic, Gabi argued that UEFA should take action if the video evidence is damning.

"I can't judge the incident itself but if UEFA checks the footage and sees something, maybe they should intervene on their own account. These sorts of things are nasty and if the footage is that clear, maybe UEFA should get involved", the midfielder told Cadena COPE's El Partido de las 12 show.

Gabi had previously defended Mandzukic's actions in the mixed zone. "Was Mandzukic wound up? No, not at all. Mandzukic gives us the intensity the team need and when he gets wound up, that's because someone's done something to wind him up. Otherwise it wouldn't happen", the Atlético captain claimed.

Source: Marca