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Harry Maguire Voices Desire for Regular Playing Time at Manchester United

Harry Maguire, the Manchester United defender, has expressed his desire for more regular playing time and a more significant role within the club. Speaking while on international duty with England, Maguire, who has seen his career dwindle since the arrival of Erik ten Hag last year, stated: "I am not going to sit here all my life and play once a month. If it carries on I am sure myself and the club will sit down and have a chat about things."

Maguire emphasised that the decision on his playing time at the Old Trafford club ultimately lies with the club and manager Ten Hag. The former Hull and Leicester City defender added: "It's not my decision whether I start the next game for United or not. In a couple of weeks, I'll go back and find out."

Despite the challenges he has faced regarding playing time, the 30-year-old defender maintains his belief in his abilities and expressed his desire to feel important to the club. "I have belief in my ability and it's been tough. I want to play games and feel important to the club," said Maguire.

He further noted his readiness to contribute to the team if given the opportunity by ten Hag: "I just have to make sure I am ready to take opportunities when they come along. My record under this manager speaks for itself. My win percentage when I've played is ridiculously high."

Maguire highlighted his past performances and contributions both at club and country levels, indicating his strong desire to regain his place in the Man United starting lineup. "If you look back on my last 15 to 20 starts for club and country, I'm really happy with my performances," he mentioned.

The England international is currently focused on representing his national team in two significant games [against Australia on Friday and Italy on Tuesday] and is determined to compete for his place at Manchester United. Maguire also aims to assist the team in climbing the league standings and contributing positively to his club's performance.

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