Harry Redknapp doesn't think Chelsea need Pato.

Former West Ham, Tottenham and QPR manager Harry Redknapp doesn't think the Premier League champions need to sign Alexandre Pato.

The former AC Milan striker is poised to sign a six-month deal with Chelsea, and Redknapp - who revealed that he declined the offer to sign Pato when was manager of QPR last season - feels he isn't at the top of his game.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, he said: "I was offered Pato at QPR this time last year but we turned him down because he wasn’t what we needed at the time. He played against my Tottenham team when we faced AC Milan in the Champions League but seems to have faded away and ended up back in Brazil.

"They have already got Willian, Oscar and Eden Hazard — where is Pato going to play? They have about four or five players just like him so I don’t see where he fits into Chelsea's team.

"Signing him looks like Chelsea just getting another body in, really. He’s got the ability to play anywhere but he’s not in the same class as Hazard."

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