Hiddink to judge Chelsea players again.

New Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink has said that he will judge the Blues based on how they perform now, and not based on their past performances – that has seen them drop down to 15th position on the Premier League table.

Hiddink will be leading the champions to their first game since he returned to the club following the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

‘I want to have a blank approach to them,’ the Dutchman said, Chelsea's official website reports. ‘It’s difficult to judge why they weren’t performing in the past. You can judge well when you are inside the house. I don’t want to know a lot about that.

‘I want to make my own decisions not based on whatever has happened in the past year.

‘The players have a profound obligation to perform,’ he continued revealing what he expects of them.

‘They are here at a big club. They are well paid. They must have this heart full of desire like an amateur. I don't need players who don't have the desire.

‘When you are in this cycle of not getting good results, then luck doesn't come to you either. You must push the luck, but when you're in a negative cycle then it’s the other way round - look at the goal conceded against Bournemouth. That happens to a team in that cycle. That's not always to do with desire. But we must push luck now through desire.’

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