How Football Management is changing.

Football management appears to be entering a whole new phase these days, with managers unlikely ever to want to stay at club for a decade or more, preferring three to four year stints before moving onto their next project. The days of Sir Alex Ferguson sitting in the Old Trafford hot seat for twenty-six years, Arsene Wenger entering his second decade at Arsenal or David Moyes having a decade at Everton appear long gone.

Today's top managers like to have a CV containing many clubs in several different countries, never outstaying their welcome or going stale. Just look at Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti for instance. Guardiola walked into Barcelona at an early age with a lot of the ground work already done by Frank Rijkaard and he could have built one great side after another, like Ferguson at United. Pep was so loved at Camp Nou, that he could have been a one club man but he only stayed for four years before moving to Bayern Munich. There is nothing wrong with wanting to stay at a club nor anything wrong with moving around Europe, but the trend appears to be to move every few years.

Ancelotti did spend eight years at the San Siro with AC Milan but has since moved from Chelsea to Paris to Madrid, never spending more than a few years at each club.

Madrid and Chelsea are becoming renowned for changing their managers even if they are successful as Ancelotti found out at both clubs, but the the Italian appears to have embraced this new culture of short term management.

Jose Mourinho appears to want to sample as many different clubs as possible with him staying no longer than four years at any of his previous jobs.

Listening to 5 Live the other week discussing the management merry go round in Europe, it was interesting hearing Graham Hunter, the Spanish reporter, stating that Guardiola has mapped his career out wanting to manage at Old Trafford and then move onto leading Brazil into a World Cup.

Now Hunter's sources maybe incorrect, but he did say that Guardiola sees United as “An itch he wants to scratch” as he has longed to manage at Old Trafford after almost signing for Ferguson in the latter part of his playing career and tasting the atmosphere with his Barcelona team. Hunter did go onto say that if this move did not come off, Guardiola would not be too upset as this is life, but it is interesting that Pep has mapped out his career thinking of another club job before moving to international football. Should Pep be successful at another club side, like he has been at Barcelona and Munich, he would not consider staying and building a dynasty, he would prefer to move on to pastures new.

So if the rumours are true and Guardiola decides to move to the Premier League, whoever the club be, those supporters better be prepared for life after the Spaniard as he does not intend to stay around for long, which as a fan I find that a little disappointing.

Written by Ian Hope @Strettyblog

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